Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Looking forward to Stone Harbor 2008

There were just too many fun and memorable events in 2007 to not post about...so the next few posts will capture many of them. This was our second annual trip to Stone Harbor, NJ. We rent a dog friendly house the first week in October and are pretty much the only family in Stone Harbor. You may not believe it, but the weather is still great at this time - this year in the 80's, sunny skies, and the water was perfect for riding in the waves. Below are pictures of us on the beach - Aunt Marilyn and Jessa joining us in the water and the guys playing an intense game of bocce ball. This year Aunt Marilyn rented a house close to us and Jessa, John, Josh, Ryan, and Brendan's family (Marissa, Grace, Baby Brendan, and Kristen) came down for the week. David, Ellen, and Alana also joined the fun on the weekend. Below captures Marissa and Grace with Aunt Charlene, Ryan with Baby Brendan, Jessa and John, and Dave, Ellen, and Alana.

Bob, Mary and Ava also join us in our house. What is nice is what good friends Ava and Val are. Everytime we turned around, Ava was plopped down in Val's arms.
Brian took Ava down to the beach. Ava enjoyed the beach chair and Brian's arms. She wasn't a big fan of the sand.
And then of course, I have to get in a picture too. Mom and I on the beach with blue skies behind us. We had a great time and can't wait for 2008!